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Keralux® colour repair set

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Always the right colour!
Through the years we've collected almost every leather sample so we can recreate your colour. All you have to do is choose the correct colour from the selection menu. You don't remember the name of the leather, or the colour? Then take a look at 'Tips' at the bottom of this page.

You proceed in the same way with each colour repair set, unless otherwise indicated in one of our recommendations. If in doubt, please contact us, or take a look at: 'Tips'.

  1. Make sure the surface is free of dust. Use a clean, soft cloth for this stage.
  2. Clean the leather with the cleaner from the Keralux® colour repair set. Follow the instructions on the package.
  3. Colour the leather with the Keralux® colour lotion. Put on the glove and follow the instructions on the package.
  4. After the last colour treatment, let the leather dry for about 24 hours. Do not use the leather in the meantime!
  5. After approximately 24 hours, treat the leather with the recommended care lotion.

Are you ordering this product separately? Then you will receive the following products:

  • Keralux® colour lotion (200ml)
  • Keralux® cleaner (200ml)
  • Glove (1 piece)
  • Cloth (1 piece)
  • Sponge (1 piece)
  • Manual.

The content of this set is sufficient for 5 seats (depending on the model).
Best before date: see packaging.

(!) Not suitable for:
Artificial leather, vegetable tanned leather, leather tanned with olive leaf extract.

Delivery time:
The delivery time of a Keralux® colour repair set to sample is approximately 10-14 working days. The colour is created especially for you in our laboratory. 

Answers to your most frequently asked questions:

• I don't know what leather / colour it is!
It may be that you have lost the purchase receipt (invoice), or that you have taken over a piece of furniture from someone. In both cases you do not know exactly which type of leather and which colour suites your furniture. Fortunately, there is an alternative. Based on a small leather sample, we can still make your original colour. And no... you don't have to 'operate' the sofa to get this done. A small strip of leather of about 1-4 cm (half your little finger) is often enough. This can usually be cut away somewhere, for example behind a zipper/closure, or at the bottom of a piece of furniture. The bottom may be stapled closed, but you can get it out fairly easily. Behind the staples, the leather often overlaps a few centimeters, here you can cut a small piece away.

• It worked, but now?!
If you have been able to cut a sample somewhere, send it to us by post. Don't forget to add your own contact details, such as a phone number or an email address. We will contact you as soon as we have received the sample. We will then send you an email containing all the necessary (order) information and, if necessary, an adapted step-by-step plan.

Send your sample to our PO Box:

Attn. LCK Nederland BV
PO Box 16
7390AA Twello
The Netherlands

• I can't cut a piece anywhere!
Some furniture is so tightly upholstered that you can't reach anything. In that case, we have two options for you: a standard colour or a colour according to RAL number. In both cases, please contact us, or send a photo directly to In any case, we will take a closer look to determine this is the most suitable solution for you.

• I don't know if this product is suitable for my situation.
A Keralux® colour repair set is recommended when the leather is crackled (small cracks), in case of minor superficial damage (cat-nails, abrasions and scrapes, scratches) and when the leather is already discolored. The latter is common in older and/or dried out furniture. Still in doubt? Send in a photo, our experts will look with you to determine what the most meaningful solution is. On working days you will receive an answer within a few hours, of course free of charge!

Mail your question to:


Do you have questions about this product? Please contact us.

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