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The very thick skins will cause color differences between the different skins. This is part of the character of this leather type. The natural wax protection gives the leather a light pull-up effect and a characteristic ton-sur-ton grain pattern, which makes the leather more beautiful and interesting in the aging process. By waking (dry-tumbling) a strong grain structure is created, which gives a strong difference between the neck, belly and back part.

Important protection from day one. Vintage leather needs sun protection and protection against liquids and stains. Therefore we recommend to apply Keralux® spray N with sun protection upon delivery of your new furniture. Follow the instructions on the package. It might be useful to buy an extra bottle of Keralux® spray N with sun protection. You can use that for the first treatment of new furniture. The Keralux® set Vi can be used minimum. twice a year. The LCK® cleaning glove set can be used weekly to keep the leather dust free.

Preventive maintenance:

Keralux® Vi
LCK® cleaning glove set

Extra nutrition:

Keralux® leather balm

Colour restoration: 

Keralux® colour repair set

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